ARTICLE published in the le perreux  municipal magazine | COMMUNICATION

This article appeared in the magazine of Le Perreux November 2015, avec to announce the launch of Atelier de Sarah.
Magazine du Perreux Notre Cité Nov 2015

“Sarah Bain has just opened her own workshop, but her passion for wood goes back to her childhood, when she helped her parents restore furniture they had hunted out from junk shops and she has never forgotten it. So after a career in marketing, and deciding to change direction, she naturally turned back to an early passion. Today, with a diploma in furniture making (studied at the Ecole Boulle in Paris) and a diploma in carpentry, she offers unique or very small series of pieces of furniture, customised built-in projects like bookshelves, the renovation of the front doors of private homes, using methods which ally a respect for the original aesthetic and modernisation (insulation, double glazing, 3 point locking systems). Passionate about architecture and the decorative arts, Sarah has a predilection for the Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras, her two main sources of inspiration. ‘Wood is a living material, surprising, wild and which needs gentle taming’, she says when asked what she likes in her job.”