Lamps and mirror

Inspired by the shape of the handles of the Aurore console, I designed these lamps with solid walnut or solid sycamore winglets. Some are lit by LED strip lighting and can sit on a surface (small table, mantle piece…), while others which can be suspended are lit with low consumption LED filament light bulbs.
Height: 25 cm
Diameter at widest point: 20cm
A variation of the lamps has different proportions and curved winglets, offering an entirely different appearance. Height: 20cm; diameter at widest point 25cm

A framed bevelled mirror complements the Aurore collections, taking its inspiration for the frame from the upright rods used for the sliding doors of the Aurore console. Each rod is handcrafted in solid walnut.
90cm x 50cm, it can be hung vertically or horizontally.

To see the Aurore chandelier, follow this link: