This is an example of built-in bespoke book shelving, personalisable by choice of wood, the edging motif or pattern, the depth and height of the shelves. These units, in 2 parts, cover 3 walls from floor to ceiling for housing volumes of books.

On the side of one part, smaller, adapted shelves accommodate some 370 CDs.

Hand made, these pieces of furniture are in walnut veneered slatted wood, with backing in ivory coloured sycamore. The shelves are removable and movable. Images show how the front edging of the furniture has a solid walnut strip flanked by sycamore trim. Each intersection is cut in a diamond form which masks the construction. 

Finally, in preparation for assembly, the entire bookshelf was stained prior to being polished with several coats of beeswax. This finish offers a satin sheen, very natural and easy to maintain. The fragrance of the wax is very pleasant!

Bookshelves 1: H: 2450 x L:1880 x P:280mm

Bookshelves 2: H: 2450 x L:1360 x P:280mm

Bookshelves 3: H 2450 x L:1300 x P: 150mm

CD shelving : H:2450 x L:280 x P:150mm