These cases and boxes are made to order according to the taste of the future owner and the situation: marriage, retirement gift, birthday, wedding anniversary, birth, graduation, ring box, wine case, jewellery case, cigar box, writing case, chocolate box, souvenirs or photos box, watch case…

Cases are adaptable by choice of:

  • veneers: light, medium, dark, two-tone, blend of colours, spectrum of woods…
  • graphics or motifs: zenith, chevron, checkers, book match, slip match, reverse slip…
  • size according to the desired function

Examples of personalised boxes


This coffer is veneered on the outside in rosewood, a rare, noble wood. The lid is decorated using a chevron veneer pattern, which highlights the nuances of the grain. The incrustation of pearls of sycamore match at the interior of the box, veneered in the same wood.

28 x 18 x 12cm


The motifs on the lids of these boxes are either a zenith slip match (the pieces of veneer follow naturally one after the other) or book match (each alternate piece of veneer is turned over) veneer pattern. The exteriors are veneered in sycamore, a very light coloured wood, pure and vibrant. In square or rectangular dimensions, these boxes are lined with mottled beech.

The closing mechanism can be miniature hinges or an inside sheath that protrudes slightly to guide and maintain the lid in position.

The small black dot (rosewood incrustation) indicates how to position the lid in such a way that the wood grain matches perfectly all around the box.