Custom built bookshelving unit and storage space with a “skyline” silhouette along the top and bottom profiles.

Combining verticality and asymmetry, these bookshelves house reference books, small books, paperbacks and objets d’art like vases, statues, ceramic bowls, glassware, Fabergé eggs….

The edges, finished in natural beech, underline the main structure finished in flat white. Strip LED lighting is incorporated near the ceiling, shedding indirect light towards the back wall, thus highlighting the skyline silhouette.

5 soft closing drawers with separators, designed to accommodate 360 CDs in the upright position to facilitate reading the titles, have “smile” hand grip façades.

One section of the bookshelves protrudes beyond the rest creating a space in which to give special importance to a particularly precious object, which is itself placed on a solid beech base or pedestal. A white backing throughout is drilled discreetly allowing for the invisible passage of plugs and electrical wires to feed the LED lighting, CD player, amplifier and speakers.

The feet, in metal with a brushed aluminium finish, support the structure while keeping a feeling of lightness and the impression that the bookshelves are suspended.

Dimensions: Height 2,8m   Width 2,9m    Depth 32cm and 36cm