Some examples of chopping boards in solid walnut, the edges being profiled in a mid century modern danish style or a faux quarter round shape. Each board is unique thanks to the grain of the wood, valorised by thoughtful cut out as well as the variation of colours within the wood grain giving it that special, individual character. Sanded, wet down again and re-sanded several times with finer and finer sandpaper, before being finished with olive oil to nourish and protect the wood while remaining safe and comestible. The maintenance of the chopping boards is simple. All that is required is the occasional wipe over with a paper towel imbibed with olive oil to revive the “sparkle” of the wood.

Each log of wood is unique, the wood grain depends on the tree, not on the furniture maker, who himself is only responsable for the choice of “framing” for the cut out.

Each chopping board has its own name: The Sax, Plumes de Bois (Feathers of Wood), Rivulets, Single Malt, Gravelax, Oil & Vinegar, Bellota Flame, Ostrea…inspired by the forms created by the grain and the varying colours within the wood.

Utilisations: cheese boards, aperitif trays or boards, dried sausage and cold meats’ board, bread boards, chopping boards…