Here is an example of a solid oak front door belonging to a 1923 home built from what the French describe as millstone. The renovation of the door modernised it entirely without losing its original charme.

After sandblasting the door to remove all layers of varnish and paint and to reveal the true state of the wood, traditional woodworking handcrafting techniques (inserts, notching, cut outs, reinforcing…) are employed to repair the passages of time.

The sinking of a 3 point locking system into the edge of the door reinforces the security of the door almost invisibly. For insulating around the door, an insulating door sill with a low profile is installed along with a specific insulating joint which is inserted by making a particular groove in the door frame. The glass parts of the door are replaced by a double glazing panel.

On the inside of the door, profiled trim is fixed around 3 sides of the door to optimise insulation.

The front door was repainted in midnight blue to highlight the ceramics of the same colour on the façade of the house. The inside of the door was painted off white, the same colour as the interior walls. The sandblasting revealed beautiful hidden details on the iron grid. It was decided to keep the raw anthracite iron look and to protect it against rust by applying a mat varnish for metal.